Sylvie was the first foundation Queen of The Legends Cattery.. We kept her daughter Arwen (second generation)...  who then produced our FAMOUS Ally (third generation)... These are the first ROOTS ..that put The Legends Maine Coons on the map.

The following Maine Coon Catteries in South Africa breed with their offsprings: 

Fourth Generation:

1. Grand Champion The Legends Issey Miyake of Featherpaws(Retired)

2. The Legends Alice Roi of CoonStars.(Deceased) 

3. Grand Champion The Legends Destiny Star of GeeDee's.

4.  Grand Champion The Legends Ravensong of Wentworthz.

5. The Legends Twighlight of Highlanders.

6.The Legends Dracoon lala of Shangri La.

Fifth Generation:

 7. Featherpaws Princess Shea of Brennan's.

8. Wentworthz Begin the Beguine of CoonStars.

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