Baby Queens 

The Legends Waikiki Qwiki

Aka Qwiki

Red Classic Tabby & White

DOB: 13 March 2022

Sire: SGC The Legends Waikiki Whackhead of GeeDee's

Dam: The Legends Lucia House of Lundy

Breeder: Petra Smith & Petricia Oosthuizen

The Legends

HailStorm Harlow

Aka Meelow

Blue Silver Classic Tabby

DOB: 14th January 2021

Sire: GC The Legends T'Challa House of Lundy

Dam: Wentworthz Garnet of The Legends

Breeder: Petra Smith & Petricia Oosthuizen


Wentworthz Garnet


The Legends

Aka Squeaky

Black Silver Tortie with White

DOB: 11 November 2019

Sire: SGC The Legends Brunello RQ

Dam: Wentworthz Camilla Star

Breeder: Elizabeth Wentworth


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