SIRE of Litter born: 14th October 2007

Shangri La Cat B'lue of Kali Katz

South African Cat Council


Runner up Brood Queen

of the Year 2010


Distinquished Merit

Supreme Grand



The Legends Issey Miyake

Brown Classic Tabby - Female 


Photo by Petra Smith

Updated photo by  Elizabeth Wentworth

Owner: Adele Visser of Wellington



The Legends Alice Roi of


Brown Classic Tabby - Female 




Owner: Annie Conway of Coonstar's Cattery in Gauteng.

Alice "unfortunately" died while giving birth to her first litter January 2009.

 Updated photo by Theresa Fouche



14th December 2007 to 19th January 2010 

The Legends Coco Chanel

Blue Classic Tabby with White - Female 


Photo Taken by Petra Smith

Owner: Annalene Rautenbach of Pretoria.

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Supreme Grand



 The Legends Louis Vuitton NQ RQ

Blue Classic Tabby with White - Male 


Photo by Irma Prinsloo

The two brothers Louis and Oscar went to the same home.

Owners: Willie and Irma Prinsloo of Table View Cape Town.

 Louis & the Kids


Photo by Johann Theron



DOB: 14th October 2007 - 12th December 2014



 The Legends Oscar de La Renta

Brown Classic Tabby - Male 



 Photo by Petra Smith

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Owner: Willie and Irma Prinsloo of Table View Cape Town.



Updated photo by Elizabeth Wentworth




The Legends Escada "Smurf"


Blue Classic Tabby - Male


Photo by Petra Smith.

Owner: Gayle Kruger of Durbanville Cape Town.

Updated photo by Eugene Kruger.




The Legends Custo Barcelona

Brown Classic Tabby with White - Male


 Photo by Petra Smith

Owners Frans and Heidi Rousseau of Durbanville Cape Town.

Custo is the playmate of  Grand Premier The Legends Montclair ... one of our Norwegian Forest cat kittens.

Photo Taken by Owners.

 Frans & Heidi Rousseau


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