SIRE of Litter born: May 2002

Grand Champion Ratatosk  Muswe

The Legends Cougar Cat

Brown Tabby with White - Male

All Photo's By: Petra Smith


Owner: Anonymous

    Cougar was chaperoned by one of our retired females               "Colly" The Dorsai Caoiweadh Cu' Chulainn.

The Legends Satori 

Brown Tabby with White - Male 


Photo By: Petra Smith 

He went with his sister Kantara.

Updated photo by their new owners


The Legends Kantara

Silver Tabby - Female 


Photo By: Petra Smith

Owners: Brad Hendricks and Sally Terry of Milnerton in Cape Town.

 The Legends Ludwig

Silver Tabby with White - Male 

 Photo By: Petra Smith


Photo By Linette Truter

Ludwig went with his sister Wilhelmina.

 The Legends Wilhelmina

Brown Tabby - Female 

 Photo By: Petra Smith

Photo By Linette Truter.

Owner: Chris van der Westhuizen of Brackenfel in Cape Town.

 Page by Petricia Oosthuizen