SACC Supreme Premier


WCF Grand Premier

The Legends Drew

 Barrymore NQ RQ


Born: 20th February  2013

Mommy Jezebel & Daddy VIP

 Breeders: Petra Smith & Petricia Oosthuizen



Photos by Petra Smith



  Little Drew was suppose to go to another home for breeding but unfortunately she refused to eat normal food with the other cats.

So We had to realize after a year that Drew is just very spoiled and is still only eating Royal Canin Persian Kitten food..





DOB: 24th April 2012 - 20th October 2022

WCF Premier

SACC Premier


The Legends

 Couragious Connie

Aka Konishiwawaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Born : 24th April 2012

Daddy VP & Mommy Caprice

Breeder: Petra Smith


*Baby Connie*


Photos by Petra Smith



 Need less to say "Connie" stayed with us.

I still have to write the story of Connie's life.. Because it was a tough ride and a interesting one to share with others.

She is the first kittens in 12 years of breeding that I had to raise from the moment she took her first breath.. it was worth every second of suffering , blood , sweat and lots of tears.


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