Six Kittens born 

24th of February 2015

           The Legends Arizona 

Black & white - girl 

Owner Penny Malan

 The Legends Teen Wolf Holland 

                          Blue & White with Blaze - Girl


Owner WA Burger

 The Legends Minnie Mouse 

Black Smoke - girl 


Owner: Bryan Rogers from Cape Town, Flamingo Vlei


DOB: 24th February 2015 - 09 July 2015

The Legends Marocco 

                      Blue Classic Tabby & White - boy


Owner The Legends (US)

 The Legends Ruby Tuesday 

Blue Silver tortie with white - girl



Owner Angie Bell from Cape Town

The Legends Copenhagen

Aka Cooper 

                             Red Silver and White - boy



Owner Marle Bijker from Cape Town

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