Berry received the following Awards 


 COTY 2014

Placed 13th of all Neuters on Show

12th July 2014


   TCS Show

24th May 2014



  Gauteng Top Cat

Placed 4th of all Neuters on Show

19th October 2013


 COTY 2013

Placed 22nd of all Neuters on Show

3rd August 2013



 WODAC 2013

Gallagher Convention Centre

19th - 21st July 2013


TCS Show

Berario Recreation Centre

22th June 2013


 BRS Show

13th April 2013





WODAC 2012

Gallagher Convention Centre

20th - 22nd July 2012

  Feline Fan Club

14th July 2012


TCS Show

10th March 2012




Gauteng Invitational show

Berario Recreation Centre

27th August 2011  

Best Overall All Breeds Kitten!

Runner up - Best in Gauteng.


 WODAC 2011

23rd July 2011 

Grand Premier at 9 months 1 week old 

 RCC Show Pretoria

16th July 2011 

Premier at 9 months old

Nominated in Top 5 Neuters 



COTY 2011

Placed 7th of all Kittens on Show

9th July 2011

 CFC of SA show

Boksburg Civic Center

11th June 2011  

Best Medium Hair Kitten


Maine Coon Interest show

Northview Highschool

29th May 2011  

Best male MC Kitten

Nominated in top 5 

 SACC kitten and pet show

Cornwall Hills College, Centurion

30th April 2011  

10th Best Kitten on show


Best Medium Hair Kitten

TCS show Crawford College

9th April 2011  

3rd Best overall Kitten

Best Medium Hair Kitten

RCC show Cornwall College

19th March 2011  

Runner-up Best overall





18th December 2010

*Best Semi Longhair 

Litter on Show

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