SIRE of Litter born: 24th March 2006 two kittens where born. 3 days later on the 27th, 2 more kittens where born.

 Will Smith von Aminius of The Legends (IMP Germany)


DOB: 24th March 2006 - November 2020

The Legends Mirari

Brown Tortie - Girl


Photo by Johann Theron


 Updated Photo Taken by owner Elizma Nel from Cape Town. The Legends Hey Jude also lives with them now.



December 2006

The Legends Milagro

Brown Mackerel - Boy



Updated Photo Taken by "Sinji" owners Stuart, Stephanie and Samantha Wilson from Cape Town. He unfortunately went missing in December 2006. They suspect that he was abducted, because they could not find any trace of him after looking for days.


December 2007

The Legends Marvella 

Black Calico - Girl



Updated photo by Owners.

 "Nougie" was a Special birthday present from me to Lynette Vermeulen from Bloemfontein. It is very sad for me to report that a year after her brother's disappearance the same happened to Nougi. She vanished without a trace in December 2007.


The Legends Maxima

Brown Mackerel Tabby & White - Boy 

Photo by Johann Theron


  Photo by Petra Smith

Owners Willie and Petra of Caledon near Cape Town.
Our stunning little Animal Talk magazine Model "Max" allegedly died of Feline Aids (FIV) when he was only 7 months old. A warning to others that do not keep their kittens safe from the bad things that can happen to them outside the safety of your walls.


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