SIRE of Litter Born: 7th September 2005

 Supreme Grand Champion. Callicoons Pandamainea Spirit (IMP Canada)

The Legends Hagrid

Brown Mackerel Tabby and White - Male 



Photos by Petra Smith

Hagrid lives with half bother Akkadian with there owners Wernich en Rolien Visser in Cape Town.



The Legends Dumbledor

Brown Mackerel Tabby - Male 



Photo by Petra Smith


Dumbledor flew all the way to Gauteng to live with family member Akela and owner Leigh du Toit.

Updated photo by Owners



Sadly she was run over 4th February 2008

The Legends Hufflepuff

Brown Classic tabby & white - Female 

Photo by Petra Smith

Updated photo by Owner

Huffle's owner Jacques Van Litsenborgh in Gordonsbay in Cape Town.


The Legends Moaning Myrtle

Aka Eva

Brown Classic Tabby & White - female 


Photos by Petra Smith

"Eva" went to Live with Annemarie Van Niekerk in Barrydale. Unfortunately she had to be rehome because of circumstances changing in her owners life. She is now living with Fran Sharp in Gauteng with her American Curl friend Awie.

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