WCF Premier


The Legends Steve McQueen.

Black silver Mackerel Tabby shorthair boy!


Photos by Petra Smith 

Photo by new owner Nico Bruwer. 

Stevie now lives with his new owner Nico Bruwer and Maine Coon friend  Mowgli in Malmesbury 


The Legends Brad Dexter.

Blue Mackerel Tabby shorthair boy!


Owner Zuzette Waters of Worcester. 



The Legends Robert Vaughn.

Red Mackerel Tabby & white Mediumhair boy!



 Owner Rachelle Chadwick of Cape Town



The Legends Charls Bronson.

Blue Mackerel Tabby  & white Mediumhair boy!

 Prince Charlie owners are Christine & Samantha Sadler of Cape Town



The Legends Yul Brunner.

Red Classic Tabby & white Mediumhair boy!

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