My mothers 70th Birthday May 1998

From left to right in front:

My brother Albert van der Merwe, Aunt Gertruida Mc Gregor, Mother Petra van der Merwe/Booysen, Sister Elsa de Lange and I( Petra)

From left to right at the back:

Sister in Law, Fia van der Merwe, Brother in Law, Pieter de lange and sister Francess de Klerk.

Me....having my favorite Chocolate Mousse... 

My mother and stepdad Jannie Booysen in our small living room with John and cats  

My brother Gideon van der Merwe's daughter Francesca Wedding to Emile Wannenburg.

Past "van der Merwe" woman having a funny moment together .

My sister Frances, Mother Petra, sister Elsa and I.

My very first High white wegie litter ever.. Cartoon figure names.. Sylvester Oberlix, Asterix, Snoopy and Maya the Bee. 

Twins Felix & Pia occupying my mothers lap. 

My first Tortie & White Maine coon " Callicoon's Minica"  5 weeks old..

Ten  kittens in the box.. 3 Wegie and 7 Coons..

2 brown Mackerels:

Grand Champion The Legends Arwen

Supreme Grand Premier the Legends Stormcrow

5 Silver Mackerels:

The Legends Galadriel

The Legends Quicbeam

The Legends Shadow fax

The Legends Evenstar

The Legends Belladonna

3 Blue Mackerels

The Legends Sir Thomas

The Legends Topaz

The Legends T


Gathering at the water bowl: 

Grand Champion Ratatosk Muswe

Wrevenik Odd eyed Oliver

Grand Champion The Legends Arwen

Champion Wrevenik Ryo oko

The Legends Katy Ooshuizen

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