One cold winters morning in the Smurf home:

From left to right.

1. Wrevenik Clannad (Sylvie was our foundation MC queen) We rehomed her because her Grand daughter Ally did not like Grandma so much.

2. Corros Polar Ice (Rehomed to friends in Bloemfontein)

3. Gr Prem Ratatosk Shumba(Over the Rainbow Bridge)

4. Gr Prem Ratatosk Mussi (Rehomed/ Went Missing in Barrydale)

5. Tinsle Cassie (Our first Imported Ragdoll)

6. Wrevenik Odd eyed Oliver.

7. Champion Wrevenik Ryoko Ono

8. Gr Prem Wrevenik Felix

9. Champion Dansbjerg Remmi.

 Our son J.J and TinTin taking a nap with some wegie girls in the background. Remmi & Ice!!

Our first Stud Fox & Queen Ryoko with their daughter Satur.. that lives in Albertinia now. 

Twins Felix and Pia.. hanging out with me at the PC. 

Taking a nap with Fox on my lap in the days when he was still a stud boy. 

Back from a weekend in Pretoria.. Look how they missed me.. From top to bottom.. Ryoko, Remmi, Ice and Mussi. 

Ryoko and Minica sharing my lap... 

Petricia and Felix having a moment.. 

Remmi and I taking a nap.. she is and will always be the love of my life. 

Uncle Ollie and Tori. He loved her very much... but they could never have their planned honeymoon because she died of a cancerous tumor in her liver when she was only 9 months of age... 

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