With regards to rehoming retired cats:

We always act in the best interest of individual adult cats, regardless of how hard it is for us to give them up.
We do not believe in keeping our breeding cats working all their life. So depending on how much the female enjoys having kittens and how easily she gives birth, we do not breed our girls after their 6th Birthday. We then spay them and  let them live out their lives as a pampered much loved pet with us or another VERY deserving family.
We will however only consider rehoming a cat if it becomes apparent that they are not happy in our home with all our other felines. That is the only reason we do sometimes place them out with a carefully screened family that live in a suitable safe environment.

At present ALL the people that are lucky enough to own one of our adult retiree's can consider themselves "saintly" in our eyes!!

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 SACC Grand Premier

The Legends Brennan


VIP Darcey

Born: 18th November 2012

Mommy GG & Daddy VIP

Breeders: Petra Smith & Charline Brennan

  It was decided that Darcey will come live with her Granny's Gunny & Petra. After a very difficult birth with her first  litter she was spayed to become a happy Neutered girl.

Thank you Charline for raising such a wonderful little girl

We promise to love her to death. 



DOB: 02nd March 2010 - 04th April 2019

 The Legends Casoncelli Di Zucca

Aka Zuci

Tribute to Cillie who died 16th January 2009.

Origin and Meaning of Name by Vanessa Swanepoel:

A Stuffed pasta pocket with butternut/pumpkin.

Casa means home in Italian.


 Breeder: Petra Smith


Photos by Hanneke Bestbier


We decided not to breed with Zuci but rather let her be a stressfree and lazy PET!!. 

Her new parents are Marcel & Rene Griffioen of Brackenfell Cape Town


DK Sarafina's Billy Jean

(IMP Denmark)

 Blue Silver Blotched Tabby

DOB: 3rd December 1999

Sire: DK Sarafina's Shawnee
Dam: Doriana's Sarafina

Breeder: Lilian Kristensen 

 Photo by Irene Mc Cullagh.

Billy Jean now lives with Aneleh Odendaal of Bloubergstrand.

Callicoon's Minica

 Tortie Tabby with White

DOB: 1st April 2002

Sire: Supreme Grand Champion. Callicoon Pandomainea Spirit (IMP)
Dam: Callicoon Chantilly Lace

Breeder: Dominica Spooner


Photo by: Irene Mc Cullagh

 "Mini" lives with new friend, Nicodemus and new owner Jaap Venter of Durbanville.



Maine Emblem Silver Star

 Silver Mackerell

DOB: 31 October 1999

Breeder: Audine Esthruyzen 

Sire: Ch Maine Emblem Giant Zuiz
Dam: Lenthall's Sano Queen

  Photo by Irene Mc Cullagh

Olivia lives with Irene McCullagh and her family in Cape Town

Page By Petra Smith