SACC Champion

DK Silkyvan Jenkin

(Imp Denmark)

DOB: 07th July 2009

Black & White

Sire: Halima Attakan
Dam: S*Wi'ata Sams Trine Sabrine

Breeder: Lisa Bech

Photo Above by previous Owner

Below photos by Petricia Oosthuizen (his Mom)

My first night at mom's house

My human...can you tell

Updated photos by Petra Smith (his Grandma)

My first night at Grandma's...

My first lead walk in the house... 

My first climb in this nice tree in my kitty pad... 

Ugh ... me babysitting Occie... 

I'm in the BIG garden on me lead... 

Below a day in the garden with Mom without my lead...

so proud my boy.

Below photos by New Daddy Gavin Miller.

WCF Premier

Annie Bennie 


The Legends

DOB: 29th July 2014

Black Tortie

Ozgurs omer of YALINKA (Imp Netherlands)
Dam: Ozgurs Guzel kis karnaki of YALINKA

- Beautiful girl of Karnaki (Imp Netherlands)

(Aka Snowy)

Breeder: Herman Janse Van Noordwyk

Photo Above by Breeder

Photos at the Bottom by Petra Smith

Now Living with Elsa De Lange in Dwarskersbos.

Below Annie (inside box) and her friend / sister Kia.


DOB: 26th January 2013

White with Tortie Tail

Sire: Ozgurs Omer of YALKINKA (Imp Netherlands)
Dam: DK Silkyvan Kahlua (Imp Denmark)

Breeder: Herman Janse Van Noordwyk

Blondie (Aka Molly) now lives with her new mom Pavreen Stokes and her little rescue brother Simon (Domestic) in Cape Town.  

Brother Simon below.

Page By Petricia Oosthuizen